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Kasparov's Immortal Game

New Chess Club Meetup 


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Map to the location for the event when announced will be here -------->

Private lessons are available, contact Keoni Lupia for more information.

Please bring your own chessboard & timer if you have one.

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  Coming soon....

    Coming Soon....

Chess  Club  Meet  Up  -  Coming Soon 


Chess Zombie

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In Hawai'i Nei on Oahu

I play chess at Chess.com!
chess24.com your playground
chess24.com your playground

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    Let the games begin!  Join the fight in this epic new chess battle (coming soon).

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New Event

Coming soon to Hawai'i Nei 

Thanks Randy!

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Chess Lesson Information: CLICK HERE

Enjoy any type of chess with different level players and just play for fun and laughs!

Learn from other players and meet a chess teacher that will help you improve your game play. 

This website and the events are for all ages!